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China Birdnet
2018 International Nature and Landscape
Photographic Competition


- Patronage of competition: CAPA (Canadian Association for Photographic Art)
- Competition Rules following the recommended practices of CAPA FIAP
- Cpmpetition Judging Panel are consisted of CAPA certified and CAPA trained judges
- 4 Cagegories, each cagegory winner will receive CAPA medals, certificates and cash prizes

CAPA 1. Authentic Wildlife (Nature)
2. Authentic Wild Bird (Nature)
3. Landscape Nature (Nature)
4. Pictorial (Open)

Cash Prizes

- Nature Photographer of The Year Title - $10,000 USD
- Gold mdeal winner $5,000 USD
- Silver medal winnner $2,000 USD
- Bronze medal winner $1,000 USD

For Competition Rules and Submission, CLICK HERE

Submission Due Date : 11:59PM, Sep 9, 2018, Eastern Standard Time
All prizes listed above are before applicable taxes

Submit 提交

Photo Competition / 攝影大賽

You can add, edit, remove your photo anytime before you pay the submission fee. 您可以隨時添加,編輯,刪除照片,併在競賽截止日期之前支付費用並提交。

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China Birdnet 2018 International Nature and Landscape Photographic Competition (INLPC) 中國鳥網2018國際自然與風光攝影大賽(INLPC)

China Birdnet 2018 International Nature and Landscape Photographic Competition (INLPC) Rules and Regulations / 中國鳥網2018國際自然與風光攝影大賽條款和規則
for more information, please visit Birdnet.CN 欲了解更多信息,請訪問Birdnet.CN

FAQs 常見問題解答

Please check out our FAQ below. Don't see an answer to your question? feel free to contact us.
請參閱下面的常見問題解答。 沒有看到你的問題的答案? 歡迎與我們聯繫。

Q: How to register

A: Use your email address to create an account, each email address can only associate one account. To reset your password, please click link "forgot your password" and enter your email address, please follow the link in the email sent to you to reset your password.
答:使用您的電子郵件地址創建一個帳戶,每個電子郵件地址只能關聯一個帳戶。 要重置您的密碼,請點擊“忘記密碼”鏈接並輸入您的電子郵件地址,請按照發送給您的電子郵件中的鏈接重置您的密碼。

Q: How to upload image

A: After login, please select competition category, make sure you unload your image to correct category to enter the competition. You can remove an image by click "delete" button on the image, if you want to swap an entry, please delete unwanted image first then upload a new file.
答:登錄後,請選擇比賽類別,確保您將圖片上傳到正確的類別以進入比賽。 您可以通過單擊圖像上的“刪除”按鈕來刪除圖像,如果您想交換圖像,請先刪除不需要的圖像,然後上傳新文件。

Q: How to calculate submission fee

A: First 1-4 images (including 4 images) in any combination of divisions: $30.00 CAD. From fifth image and more: $12.50CAD/each image. Please note that one entrant can only submit maximum 10 images in each division
答:您的所有圖片在任何分類組合中,首先的1-4張圖片(包括4張圖片):$30.00加元。 從第五張圖片開始:$12.50加元/每張圖片。請注意,每個參賽者只能在每個分類提交最多10張圖片

Q: How to pay the submission fee

A: Please make sure all your images are correctly uploaded and categorized. You CAN NOT make any change after you pay the fee. Your payment is processed by PayPal secure payment gateway, Birdnet.CA DOES NOT capture or store any of your personal finical information.
答:請確保您的所有圖片都正確上傳和分類。 您支付費用後無法進行任何圖像更改。 您的付款由PayPal安全支付網關處理. BirdnetCA不會捕獲或存儲您的任何個人財務信息。


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